We are all Qatar

Citizenship is not just a word spoken or slogan raised, Citizenship does not have specific time, it is every where and every time, Citizenship is a saying, an action and a trait that the individuals have in all life matters, his work, his relationships, his environment and his country.

Citizenship means that every citizen becomes a good, strong and honest citizen for himself, his society and his country.

Since good manners and virtuous values is the main pillar that society depends on and it is the main brick that renaissance of nations build upon it.

Quodorat development center has launched ‘we are all Qatar program on December 2013

To Define the original citizenship through instilling citizenship values that assist in building Qatar and achieve Qatar vision 2030: 

We determine 5 main values to be applied every year with its special theme

From December 2013 – November 2014: The value of respect: we are raised by respect.

From December 2014- November 2015: The value of sincerity: and its emblem of sincerity exceeds my country’s.

From December 2015-November 2016: the value of honesty: by honesty we build Qatar.

From December 2016 – November 2017: The value of telling the truth: we live by speaking the truth.

From December 2017 -November 2018: The value of power: the power of all countries came from the power of their faith.

From December 2018 -November 2019: The value of success: our manners are the way to success.

During blockade on 5/6/2017 we launched many national activities

1 - I’m a Qatari by my Moral Initiative

A program to clarify the right picture of loyalty toward our country as a value and a reality provided by everybody who are the believers that support and have rightful thinking of Allah, and by having best morals because it is the way of doing perfect work and it is the outcome and success to achieve Glory, pride and renaissance to our dearest country Qatar.

The objectives of the program:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of the homeland and how to protect it.
  • Enhance Islamic values and morals for women, young girls and the children.
  • Show initiatives that serve the society.
  • Learn the certainty of Allah and trust him.

2 - Humanity forum

A scheduled meeting to discuss about exchanging life experiences based on the concept of the word “humanity”, which encompasses all good morals in the interest of the human person and expresses its value as a living entity with rights and dignity, regardless of any other considerations, such as sex, race, color, religion, humanity is deeper than just a passing word, but a word that reduces many values, meanings and experiences.

It aims to:

  1. Create a type of social partnership to fulfill a society that has high morals and importance.
  2. Encourage effective communication and discussion to exchange life experiences in different professional aspects.
  3. Show the effect of morals in success and excellence of individuals in their work and relationships in different specialties.

3 - Voluntary work for Quodorat ambassadors

A program designed to train and develop national youth citizens so that they gain abilities and become qualified individuals to keep abreast of Qatar’s development and to achieve Qatar Vision 2030. In cooperation with local competencies.

It aims to:

  1. Qatari youth’s participations in fulfilling national strategies.
  2. Knowing the benefit of Obeying Allah through (voluntary work) and  for its morals and its effect on individual and the society.
  3. Getting to know our practiced religion its ethics and impact on the individuals and society.
  4. Qualifying and empowering an innovative volunteer team for community initiatives that enhance the identity and values of Qatari society within the State’s activities.
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