Our Programs

For adults and children

The Princess

The girl is from the age of 11 and continues with her until she reaches the age of 17
A program in the spirit of balanced and integrated development and upbringing for Qatari girls. It draws its strength by focusing on positivity in the areas of challenge and innovation, volunteerism and initiative, moderation and patriotism. Parents have a share of development through counseling and psychological and educational courses to build strong family relationships based on love and respect.

Maqaad Aldaha

Seniors and retired people
Within the center’s vision, interest in all segments of society, including the elderly, so this project was proposed in order to fill the void of elderly women and work on their health and social awareness and raise their morale by involving them in society and integrating them with other generations and in order to inform them of the ability to give and preserve heritage through documentation and revival It is for this reason that we presented this project.

Our Oud House

For the whole family
A meeting that renews effective communication for the development of the family in family and marital relations and educational aspects in order to prepare a balanced and cohesive society.

Play And Learn

Learning through play
By playing and having fun, we elevate our children’s mental, cultural and kinetic abilities. With the story and the competition, we sow the seed of love for the book, modifying behavior and strength of character, so they are the hope of tomorrow and the leaders of the future.

Target group: Children aged 4-10 years

My prayer, my life

A slogan that we water with love, sincerity and knowledge and that we care about it by saying and practicing, to harvest a crop of generation of children and youth who love prayers efficient skills by saying and doing

I'm A Title For Excellence

A specialized program for the development of volunteer work
A slogan adopted by the center’s female affiliates to have a goal of assuming responsibility, volunteer work and serving the country. We achieved it as a reality through training and development of self and capabilities at the hands of specialized trainers in cooperation with youth institutions and centers.

Kafo leadership

A program that supports and proves personals values in the society.

We Are All Qatar

Citizenship is not words that define or slogans that are raised,
Citizenship does not have a specific time, it is in every time and place.
Citizenship is a word, deed, and a trait that an individual possesses in all his life matters.. his work.. his relationships.. his environment.. his homeland.

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