Kafo leadership

A program that supports and proves personals values in the society.

Age and audience: girls and boys between (7-10) years.

Training duration: 60 training hours


A personality with leadership capabilities and responsibility towards self, family and society.


• Enhance leadership qualities.
• The knowledge that the correct path in life is linked to knowing God and His love
• Following the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, the first and most successful model of leadership
• Training to handle responsibilities towards self, family, society, and country
• Appreciate the value of prayer and make it a lifestyle with the right application.

Kafo Leaders Projects

Kafo leaders

A project that develops leadership qualities and self-confidence, improves the child’s relationship with others, and maintains worship.

I knew Allah:

A project that shows that the right path in life is by getting to know Allah through contemplation of His verses and His creatures and appreciating his blessings with words, deeds and belief

I knew my messenger:

A project that establishes educational behavioral values and concepts by identifying
The life of the Messenger, his interests and priorities, the benefits of his Sunnah in this world and the hereafter, and his adoption of the first and most successful example of leadership.

Now I pray:

A project that promotes the love of prayer, its importance, and how to perform it correctly with practical application with auxiliary methods to achieve reverence in it.

I'm responsible:

A project that shows the importance of responsibility in an individual’s life, and the right ways to apply it towards self, family, and society.

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