Code Extraction

The camp gathered 38 women and girls on January 2, and they volunteered together and made the most beautiful impact. At the beginning, the four groups were named Love, Achievement, Cooperation, and the Good Team. The launch began at the first station, where Western women narrated the story of their liberation, read the charters, cleared what had been understood, played tug of war, and statistics and facts of liberation appeared in numbers.

The second station then began with a video of the cursed city of abominations and the deviant people whom Allah Almighty punished by embodying their decadence in the freezing of their corpses. They depicted the meaning of Arab and American words with deep meanings that reflect the true conviction of Muslim women. They played with the closed carpet and walked on it with their feet in a loud atmosphere of encouragement and motivation. The third station came in harmony of the aesthetics of the family in Islam and depicted the condition of women in all religions and how Islam illuminated their status as a girl, mother, and grandmother.

Where there were opponents, there were defenders of the word of truth against them. They wrote posts and discussed how to respond to those who oppose concepts in Islam, and the solution approached “what is decoding?” They arrived at the fourth station. Here is the solution to the missing word game, and each team must discover it. So they put on the cover for one eye to learn about the game (Oh Who Sees) in a group challenge. In conclusion, they wrote their roles in the success cube in front of all the dangerous fingers directed at women, and the secret of the enemies of Islam was deciphered (Until They Follow Their Creed).

The honour was the fitting conclusion.
Honouring was with testimonies, thanking, and love.

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