The Princess

An Educational program that beats by the spirit of integrated and balanced development for Qatari girls. Concentrating on positivity in different challenges and creative scopes, volunteering and initiation, moderation and patriotism, more opportunities of development for parents through consultations and psychological and educational courses to build a strong family relationship on love and respect.

Target group: Girls aged 7-11

Program Goals

Building integrated personality in relation to faith, intellectual, psychological, social and physical aspects.

Empower girls to communicate effectively with proper criticism, positive thinking, leadership and taking responsibilities attitude.

Preparing parents for a positive upbringing for best communication with their children.

Program achievements

Religious improvements

Improve devotion of thinking and forethought

Introduce the jurisprudence of purity and practice collective prayers and leading in prayers.

Practice how to reply to suspicion

Learn jurisprudence of transactions with practical application

Participate in competitions of memorizing parts of Quran by the rate of (256 girls)

Participate in memorizing 5 hadeeth annually by 150 girls.

150 Girls participated in Ramadan commotion of the princesses at Othman masjid in Alkor

Obtain first level in memorizing Quran commotion organized by AlNoor center – Qatar Charity

Participate in composition of most beautiful home prayer room during Covid-19 pandemic

Intellectual improvements

Improve writing and authorship skills

Practice dealing with different challenges and changes

Conduct 80 presentations , campaigns and competitions

Participate in 13 stage show

Practice self problem solving skills

Establish 22 home library to encourage proper reading

12 girls Achieved higher levels in national competitions (Entel competition, Scientific research, Astronomy competition, I techs competitions and Albairaq competition) 

Provide 15 workshop and courses and pedagogical parental meetings


Accomplishing (our clean environment) project.

Accomplishing (let’s make them happy for poor families) project.

Accomplishing graduation project for first group (including us) for people with disability.

Graduation of second patch (legacy and inheritance).

Fulfill charity project in collaboration with Qatar Charity (digging well).

Accomplishing awareness project in Alkhor secondary school (show your respect) in collaboration with my identity center.

Completing the project (I will change) for social and religious awareness in the community.


Social improvements

Practical application for all life skills

Practical training on communication skills with elderly, house maid and children

Parents effective participation in the program

Physical improvements

Establish right concepts about physical activities and health nutrition

Implement many sport campaign

Collaborative teams

Prepare team of volunteers around 35 girls to participate in different activities.

Prepare a team to fulfill programs successfully.

Prepare media team of 10 girls (photography, reports, media presentation).

Prepare show and Islamic singing team of 32 girls.

Prepare team for marketing of princess program through visiting different youth centers and schools.

Prepare administration team for princess competition in Ramadan.

Prepare a team for cultural games through Maqa’ad AlDhaha.

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