Who are We?

No dream is impossible

We started with a group of socially active women (Sisters of Goodness). They met with the aim of serving the community in the city of Al Khor and Al Thakhira

They started working on a small scale since 1985 AD. Praise be to God, we were able to continue until we decided to switch to

For societal institutional work under the name (Quadrat Center for Development)

our vision

Directing energies and capabilities to achieve comprehensive development in Qatari society

Our message

Achieving our vision by qualifying generations that carry the spirit of creativity, innovation and leadership that contribute to building the nation with a Qatari identity and Islamic principles

Our Goals

1- Developing skills, innovation and leadership among young people, girls and youth.

2- Preparing women and girls for their natural role in family life.

3- Combating the behavioral problems of the generation by promoting Islamic values.

4- Consolidating loyalty and belonging to the homeland by spreading environmental awareness and reviving heritage.

5- Employing the abilities and capabilities of girls and women and investing their time in volunteer work.

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