20 Years of Renewed Ramadan Giving Ahlan Ramadan Forum 20

In light of the current conditions in the Arab world and Muslim countries in general and Palestine in particular, the slogan of the Ahlan Ramadan 20 Forum this year was (Victory and Empowerment), which represents the meanings of victory and jihad and the role of the Muslim in supporting the Islamic nation and upholding the word of truth, especially in the holy month where enthusiasm and determination are at their peak.
The activities of Ahlan Ramadan 20 Forum were launched in an exceptional atmosphere at the Furjan Al Khor stadiums. The activities and events varied in the outdoor courtyard and the indoor hall, including lectures, workshops, a fashion show, movement and artistic events, and project presentations by women from some northern cities.
On the first day, the internal hall contained a seminar on victory and empowerment, in which empowerment and our role in Rabat were defined, which starts from the soul and empowering it to believe. This was followed by competitions and giveaways. On the second day, the fashion show (Authenticity and Luxury) took the lead – since it was one of the new shows in the forum – as the show varied between traditional fashions and others for the children’s category, and elegance was mixed with modesty and authentic Arab character. Of the most prominent events are also honouring the girls of the Princess Platform (4th Batch), and sorting the results of the “Your Family is Your Investment” initiative competition, which was launched in mid-January and aimed to invest the family in Ramadan in a way that benefits society in all religious, cultural, economic and health aspects.
The centre’s internal hall was dedicated to displaying Ramadan products, including spices and mixtures, made by Qatari hands and produced seasonally at this time before the holy month of Ramadan in order to relieve the burden on women and gain time in preparing the table during Ramadan, and not to waste the little days.
As for the outdoor yard, the activities varied between heritage workshops presented by the mothers of Maqat Al-Duha, artistic workshops in which some schools participated, and games and activities for children. This was accompanied by delicious popular and local dishes in Al Habayeb Cafeteria section and children’s sweets in the Ayal Al Freej Shop section. The Center was keen to make this Ramadan edition comprehensive, diverse and innovative in terms of type, purpose and content.

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