Making Use of the Energy and Ability of Youth in Our Vision

School age is the keystone in which behaviour is formed and where the luth is intensified. Involving our children – at this age – in volunteer work contributes to the well-being of the mind, soul and body, and increases the individual’s sense of his/her importance within society, so the society brings out into the community good youth who carry the values and principles of volunteerism and reform.
In this regard, Quodorat development center, in cooperation with the Youth Committee of Al-Shamal Club, organized the Voluntary Work Ambassadors (Youth) Program for the first batch from March to November in the Al-Shamal Sports Club.
The program aims to:

  • Improving the skills of young people participating in volunteer work.
  • Motivating participants about the importance of their role in volunteer and community work.
  • Qualifying and training cadres and volunteer teams.

The number of participating students reached 40 students from the middle and high school levels from Al-Shamal School who were provided by a group of trainers with training programs and workshops for 12 training hours.
Most important workshops:

  • Qatar Vision 2023 workshop presented by Mr. Jaber Ali Malhiya.
  • Qatar Ambassadors Camp presented by Mr. Abdullah Al-Khanji.
  • Initiatives Creation Workshop presented by Mr. Muhammad Al-Abadi.
  • A workshop on the art of public speaking presented by Mr. Aqeel Muhammad.
  • Leadership skills workshop presented by Mr. Muhammad Shaheen.

On the closing day, the participating parties were honoured and certificates were distributed to the students affiliated with Quodorat development center, which was represented by the member of the municipal council, Mr. Abdullah Muqallad Al-Muraikhi.

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