Maqaad Aldaha

Seniors and retired people Within the center’s vision, interest in all segments of society, including the elderly, so this project was proposed in order to fill the void of elderly women and work on their health and social awareness and raise their morale by involving them in society and integrating them with other generations and in order to inform them of the ability to give and preserve heritage through documentation and revival It is for this reason that we presented this project.

The objectives of the program

Maintain our heritage and legacy.

Document our heritage from its main sources.

Activate and revive the heritage through practical training and production.

Create a bridge of communication between different generations.

Invest time in Magad Aldaha by increasing the cultural, religious, health awareness to the participants.

Raise the morale of the participants through communication, and exchange regular home visits.

Advocate all participants of the services and facilities that the country provides them and communicate with related governmental resources.

Connect the participants from Magad Aldaha with other centers which have the same objectives inside and outside Qatar.

Prepare the participants to volunteer in voluntary and social activities.

The Program’s Achievement ​


Magad Aldaha at Albait Stadium
‘ALive breather’ is the first girls school in Alkhor
Magad Aldaha – Al-Ruwais
Magad Aldaha – Doha branch


Produce. The book of  sawalef  Magad Aldaha
Produce a booklet and CD of public  songs and games
Document many heritage subjects through a program : in the era on the air
Produce (6) documentary films about old life Qatari ladies.

National and Local experience exchange

Hosts members from Bahrain – from Parents Care Center for five years.
Hosts members from Sahara center from Bosnia with collaboration of Alkhor club and hosts a group of Omani lady society from Oman in 2018.
Members from Magad Aldaha has joined Nomas center in Doha as instructors for heritage of Qatar.
Arrange a play about Qatari wedding in collaboration with Katara with presence of embassies representatives.

Advocacy and Literacy

Literacy of the old mothers by teaching them how to writer their names, numbers, and letters.

Empower the mothers to use mobiles and answer the phones and using WhatsApp by sending voice messages.

Experience transferring

Allow all participants to transfer their experience through organizing different workshops in schools and different centers

Train and empower some participants about presentation in Media to present the cultural heritage.

Participation of mothers in TV program called (Danat Qatar)

Participation of the mothers in different social activities in collaboration with non-governmental organizations.

Different projects produced by Magad Aldaha

Through social responsibility toward the young generation and connecting them with their ancestors’ heritage. Magad Aldaha produced different programs introduced and supervised by members and mothers at Magad Aldaha at Qudurat center and targeting boys aged 5-9 years  and girls aged 5-15 years.

The objectives: 

  1. Maintain the heritage of our ancestors.
  2. Provide connection and communication between children and their grandmothers through collaboration and experience.
  3. Have knowledge about Qatar cities and most important historical and current landmarks.
  4. Reinforce concept of homeland and citizenship of the children.
  5. Introduce traditional games to the children to replace electronic games.
  6. Develop the intellectual, physical and healthy aspects through practicing traditional games.
  7. Reinforce team work and honest competitions through traditional games.
  8. Train the girls about old etiquettes.

Boys and girls

Different traditional games that develop intellectual, physical and social aspects of the children.

The pride of my ancestors

An experienced program with grand mothers to learn about the past values and the positive role and the value of the girl within her family and society.

Know your country

A cultural program that takes you among the past and the present to gain more knowledge, love, and giving so you become the ambassador for a bright country.

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