I am a leader program

Qudorat Center for Development presented the “I am a Leader” program on the Zoom platform for girls from 9 to 10 years old, which aims to enhance the qualities of a successful leader, the most important of which are honesty and honesty, in addition to recognizing the importance of worship and cooperation and its fruits, and learning the correct ways to direct their relationships with others. The program’s objectives revolve around the religious, social, psychological, intellectual, educational and recreational aspects.

One of the most important outcomes of the first meeting is to identify a model of leadership from reality and apply it to her life, through the dialogue session moderated by Prof. Maryam Al-Shahwani about who is the person who influences the behavior of individuals, how to be a distinguished and effective leader by planning, creativity and coordination in all matters of life, and presenting stories about the personality of the leader ant.

As for the second meeting, it revolved around ways to direct relationships towards others, by identifying the meaning and types of relationships, including: my relationship with God, with myself, and my relationship with strangers.

The program started on Sunday, January 3 and will last for three weeks.

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