Duha seat – Ersoum and Salloum

The Qudrat Center for Development has completed the activities of the Duha Seat Program, and the paragraphs varied between religious and heritage, where Quranic paragraphs were presented to activate the memory of mothers through the story of Joseph, and a dialogue was held about a religious competition from the Quran about the biography of women mentioned in the Quran.

The women’s adornment was also defined in the past, and some names for hair adornment, in addition to showing the importance of kohl, perfumes, and the types of combs that were used in the past, which brought back mothers the beautiful memory of an early time.

And a paragraph was presented entitled (Arsoum and Salloum) Umm Suwa, and mentioned the most important eyes and areas of their presence in Qatar, and among the videos that attracted mothers were about Hamda Hospital in the past, getting to know the maternity department and knowing the meaning of the word (Syed) in the past, which means pregnant women’s review of the hospital) And through an interesting dialogue, the names of the obstetricians and the most important nurses in the obstetrics department were remembered.

The number of participants in each meeting was 65, with the attendance of 16 from the seat’s staff, and the mothers’ participation was through audio recordings, photos and videos, expressing their opinions and their love that took root in every live meeting between them.

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