With thanks, blessings last.. The slogan of the seventeenth Ramadan Forum

Thanks, blessings endure. This is the motto of the 17th Ramadan Virtual Forum, which was organized by Qudrat Center for Development. Where the center used to organize this forum annually before Ramadan to achieve several goals, the most important of which are: strengthening the faith side of the family, correcting jurisprudential errors related to the holy month, in addition to training the family on the optimal use of Ramadan days, investing time to achieve positive communication between family members and their relatives, and developing The principle of solidarity and compassion in society through applied models.

The choice of this year’s slogan came in light of the Corona pandemic, which affected everyone, whether positively or negatively, as we thanked God for the blessings that He bestowed upon us, which increase and perpetuate the blessings around us.

The forum included several activities this year, including the “Wahbni” program, so I thanked it for the girls and women category, through which we aim to: know the name of God Al-Wahhab, the importance of gratitude and its types and benefits, the reasons for neglecting to thank blessings, and exploring some blessings and how to thank God for them.

And a program for you, the choice, which targets girls from 13 years of age and above. The program aims to spread awareness among girls of the importance of morals and values, enhance religious and national identity, and teach them the importance of responsibility.

For girls from 7 to 12 years old, I knew God, which aims to get to know God through His Names, Attributes and Creatures, and to enhance the love of God in children.

The Princess Race, which targets members of the Princess Program, which aims to identify the importance of the Qur’an in our lives, correct recitation and review memorization, through the practical application of memorization from Surat Al-Fajr to Surat Al-Nas.

In addition to the forum’s sub-activities, which are: a competition of thanksgiving that lasts for blessings, it is a competition for children by recording a video of the child where he embodies the forum’s logo in his own way.

And the game Wahbni, so I thanked him. It is a kinetic game that simulates a simplified camp that teaches the child the skills of thanking God Almighty.

And my family’s Ramadan diary, which aims to make optimal use of Ramadan by strengthening divine and family ties by combining theoretical and practical aspects.

In conclusion, we invite members of society to benefit from the programs and activities of the seventeenth Ramadan Forum, which bears the slogan “Thank you, blessings last. With relief and remove the grief from the nation, Ramadan informs us and we are in the best condition.

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