Leadership since childhood

Quodorat Center for Development complete the “I am the Leader “of the first batch program with its five projects: Competent leadership, I knew Allah, I knew my Prophet, I’m praying, and I am responsible. It was offered to girls from 7 to 10 years old. And at the end of it, girls who complete the five projects can join the Princess Program, which was proposed over the past six years.

The goal of the program was for the girl to learn about the qualities of a successful leader, learns the correct way to direct her relationships with others, apply the values of honesty and honesty in a story, invents ways to commit herself to worships, analyze a real leadership role model from children, and to conclude the importance of cooperation and explain its results.

The program was launched in March 2022, where it’s started the project (Competent Leadership), it presents the leader with leadership models that make her a role model, hears their stories and knows their descriptions, to instill leadership traits in her.

And the second project (I Knew Allah) was presented in April 2022, the trainee learned about the meanings of names of Allah, infers this when she contemplates the universe, nature, the human body, and all of its creatures, the certainty in her heart increases and she is armed with faith in her life.

In August 2022, the third project was (I Knew My Prophet), In it, our leader gets to know our beloved Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in his beautiful time, she sees him in her heart, senses his qualities, his thoughts, his morals, his beauty, and his treatment, she elevates herself with his love and takes him as a guide as long as she lives.

As for the fourth project in September 2022 (I’m praying), In it, the girl learns about the importance of prayer; To make it a lifestyle, comparing the duties with the pillars to perform them is correct, and she learns the Sunna and Supplications, so that she may be fortified with God’s protection on her day.

At the end the fifth project (I Am Responsible) released in October 2022, a project that shows the importance of responsibility in an individual’s life, and the correct ways to carry it out towards oneself, family and society, ways to make her bear responsibility honestly, with pleasure, and with reward, until it becomes a fixed behavior and value in her life.


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