Play And Learn

Learning through playing

We can develop the intellectual, Cultural, Physical and  leadership skills of our children through getting involved in different activities. Through storytelling and competitions, we can encourage reading books and modify their behavior and build their strong personality because they are the future leaders. 

Target group: Children aged 4-6 years

Program Goals

Develop skillful intellectual leadership power in the child.

Teach children the proper reading of verbs and the tongue.

Instill loving Quran and give its glorification.

Train the children on teamwork and on speaking and expression with others.

Enhance positive behavioral values for children.

Guide the children toward active games to reduce the effect of electronic games.

Instillation of books and reading love in children.

Enhance self-censorship in children. 

Program Achievements

Number Of Children Beneficiaries

4447 Beneficiary

Indoor Activities


Play And Learn

Outdoor Activities


School boys and girls

3000 Beneficiary

Cultural And Movement Competitions

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