The Princes is in Her Fourth Year

Princes’s program for the fourth year is coming again in terms of goals, outputs and development; which is consistent with the ages of girls and their needs in life matters based on our true religion, according to Sharia and Sunnah.
This year, the curriculum aimed to:

  • Memorizing verses from Surat Al-Kahf and interpreting them.
  • Memorizing five Prophetic hadiths and applying them practically.
  • Memorizing some of the beautiful names of Allah.
  • Learn the jurisprudence of purity and prayer.
  • Training in public speaking skills.
  • Training in sports and life skills: training in positive frankness between mother and her daughter, and good dealing with the elderly and servants.

The first live interview entitled “I Will Change,” which was presented by the trainer, Mrs. Mona Al-Muraikhi, on September 2, was a dialogue meeting on the importance of change for the better. Training was also given on the art of public speaking and its relationship to change.
A Zoom interview was held entitled “Badr Al-Duja” presented by Mrs. Mona Abu Rashid on September 12, in which she discussed the importance of the hijab for Muslim girls.
As for the “Girls’ Happiness Cocktail” interview, this was presented by Mrs. Salma Al-Harami on September 23rd. It was a direct dialogue meeting in which there were many methods on how to manage and control anger, and then exercises in counting some of the blessings that exist in our lives. The program will continue with a strategy of two in-person interviews and two interviews on Zoom.

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