The first girls’ school in Al-Khor welcomed the members of Maga’ad Al-Duhah with open arms

On the evening of Wednesday 24 November 2021, the Capacity Center for Development opened the (Mutanafis Alhay) Building, which is the second headquarters of the Al-Khor City (Maga’ad Al-Duhah) program, in the presence of a number of representatives of Al-Khor City and some governmental and non-governmental entities, and social media activists. The building’s opening was precisely for Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al-Thani’s visit, May Allah protect him.
The former-residence building is the first Girls’ School in Al Khor City, it has been assigned to the Capacity Development Centre by the Private Engineering Office, to provide the activities of the Maga’ad Al-Duhah Program. The Maga’ad Al-Duhah program is one of the Capacity Centre for Development programs launched in 2009, with the aim of integrating and engaging senior women in the city of Al Khor and its environs, as it is this group that has devoted its time and effort to raising generations that represents this country’s standards. The programme has evolved to become one of the most important tools for the development of national and cultural identity, through the creation of channels of communication and intergenerational and intercultural interactions.
The building was named “Almutanafis Alhay” as a way to cathart for our mothers and daughters in the area, through the Maga’ad Al-Duhah Program’s activities offered to them, which revolves around the development and improvement of their skills and themselves, thereby passing it down to the future generations.
As the building itself is a school building, the architecture and designs were not harmed or touched, and the building was divided into:
– Auditorium for documentary screening.
– Practical Activities Training Room.
– Educational class for educational activities.
– A kitchen equipped to train in traditional cooking.
– A mini-exhibition consisting of 4 exhibition rooms individually (bedroom, bench, kitchen, old classroom) that includes all the women’s belongings and their possessions in Al-Khor.
This building will be dedicated to ensuring that the national and cultural identity is maintained in today’s challenges, and cultural tourism will be used as an engine for a balanced economic and social development, through a thoughtful program plan that is presented annually.

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